Friday, August 22, 2008

i am going mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes , i am going mad.

i am filling my electives forms , and i am really surprised how complicated this paperwork can be!!!

tommorrow i have to go to a doc. and get my vaccination completed . and a hell lot of stuff remains to be done ....please god give me a personal assistant, someone who has a strong stomach and lot of patience..

okay i think i will put myself together and stop cribbing ...sob sob (can i weep?)

hey , mah new cell n series 73 has an amazing amazing camera. i just clicked a gr8 pic ..
i swear this one is 100 times better than my old motorola cell...but ya that was a decent cell too(and faithful).

and this week i painted this lil thing too...turned out to be "not bad"....what say pill?


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