Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Food in a 'busy as hell' life.


I made this last Sunday and to my surprise it turned out to be mmmm...fabulicious. So, I made it again and packed it for my colleagues at the hospital. They love me. Well, who wouldn't?
I am posting a link here for my busy, lazy friends who want a great Indian snack but can't stand the South-Indian-restaurant-meddling of almost every Indian dish. The best part is that the recipe uses a microwave. Try it!

click here for the recipe


Anonymous said...

amazing! loved it! but I will not make it again. It's a lot of prepration. isn't it?

miro said...

Really? You think that's a LOT of preparation? Haha.
Mr/Ms. Anonymous, very pleased to meet you(ah, finally
I find someone lazier than me!)