Saturday, July 9, 2011

Easy, without drama.

Nino- Y-Gato, Joan Miro.
And simple.
Like afternoon tea. 
A day without T.V.
Lemonade from life's handpicked sour lemons. 
An ant swimming for the edge of a leaf, and crawling away to life again. 

 A quiet morning.

Going around a Gulmohar tree looking for flowers on the ground.
Looking for a buzz kill when you have to act sober, 
and not being able to find one.
Much like listening to Sting and trying to sleep.
First pair of eye glasses and the world wasn't blurry anymore.

Like Rain.

When you picked that flower from the ground and held it in your hands, it's colours so bright and new that everything else became non-descript. 
That moment.
But you didn't know what to do with it so, you tucked it in the back pocket of your rugged jeans. 
It now makes every place you go, look Beautiful. 
Like Love.