Tuesday, February 24, 2009

every (slum)dog has it's day ...and some have eight oscars ..

slumdog slumdog!!

millionaire millionaire!!

"Slumdog, which cost only $15 million (£8.7 million) to make, has already gone on to take $160 million (£117 million) at the box office worldwide and could double this sum after last night’s haul of eight Oscars, including Best Picture. It is likely to go on earning millions of dollars a year for decades to come, thanks to DVD sales, TV licensing, and revenues from internet streaming. "
- taken from times online

the movie in itself might be debatable( many indians, which includes me, disliked the way it pictured india) but ... profits speak the loudest !
did not like the film , but i am happy , even elated that it wom 8 oscars !! yay!!

here's an amazing review of the same..

this and that !

There's not enough hours in the day;
To say all that I want to say,
There's not enough days in the week;
And weeks go by quicker than drunks knock back liquor,
There's not enough weeks in the month;
To do all that needs to be done,
There's not enough months in the year;
And years disappear like the bubbles in my beer.

from Timestretched by The Divine Comedy

oh, yeah this on shelfari... after a loooong break i am again active on shelfari..glad , i'm back!

animal farm ..

“What makes animal farm a great master-piece is the UNIQUE "belief in the suspension of your disbelief", if you know what i mean ...

The bizzare idea of animals taking over the farm ,even taking for that matter (a fable it is .. true)

but, suddenly it all seems so meaningful, so close to reality when i see what's happening today in the world around us, in the parliament , in the U.N. and else where and i find myself mummering ...
"everybody is equal but some are more equal".

It IS one of the best satirical literature we have (yet)... i think it even dwarfs the efforts of Joseph Heller in "catch 22" (to an extent ).

George Orwell is the real napoleon ... he plays with our minds, brilliantly , and in doing so, sits back and mocks the very society he's a part of...

..but, we still we love him... don't we?


read my mind...

I know it in the way you never will...and i better get round to describing it to you .
the innate desire to free myself from the chains that tie me down , "the narrow domestic walls " (as Tagore wud say)
and at other times , listen(and contemplate) to that the perpetual din , which i keep ignoring , that which tells me to recognise myself with someone like me , to tie myself up with them .
in a bit .. when everything seems obscure , no definitions fit ,
in that search/delimma/confusion/perplexity..when no effable word can be produced
nobody else but me knows , what it is.


akkhil said...

yaah nice to see that some movie shot in India done a great business..And earn a lot of credits..

I remember on Monday morning ...my EUROPEAN FDS were after my life calling me chaiwalla lol...It seems that they were very concerned abt India as they saw all the negative side of it...but dude in the movie it was all wrong and from that instance my thoughts changed /..

In the past the west people call that INDIANS AND DOGS ARE NOT ALLOWED ...now we are SLUM DOG MILLIONEER. This movie was meant to show the western people that India is still a shit place to live , as they have not come out from their old mentality that we are poor and they have ruled us in the past so wants to keep their nose high..

In this movie i cdnt found a single positive point about India..its shows full poverty, prostitutions, child labour, child abuse, drinking , mafia , selling human, stealing , corruptions blabla bla...all the shit negative qualities and top of this they have showed that western people are very kind hearted giving money to beggars and giving business to India like call centres and all./.

I am not saying that India s not having these problems but these bastards had ever looked in their country what problems they are facing it’s much worse than us. Like in California one week back 5000 people were homeless and living in a camp...

IN movie one blind Indian beggars don’t know what is the picture in the Indian rupee note ..But they remember the pic of Benjamin Franklin in dollar.. in every corner they have insulted us and praised them selves...that is a commercial movie made to earn money ...they are lot of quite good sensible Indian movies which never get any chance to reach Oscars. They have tried to sell poor man’s dream in a poor country which they become successful..
There are hundreds of examples in the movie where u can feel that they have made a joke of our country and people..

Well friends///...just have a pause and think.//// it’s just an argument which i feel like to share with you//..


[V] said...

well apart from all d oscar hullabaloo d best part bout slumdog was ring ring ringa ;)