Monday, November 8, 2010

"for the sake of posting" Post..

Liu Xia
Too much has been going on for me to keep up with the posting.  No, I mean I do post but just for the sake of posting and feel a hollow sense of validation.  The recent posts are nothing like the well researched articles of a proud blog.  But, I've got some new things to put up so expect them soon.  I also apologize for the abrupt disappearance but day job + Padhai + personal work = broke ass Pallavi!

I know it's too late to post an article about the Nobel prize 2010 but it's my blog,  lazy,  like me,  so I guess it's okay.

My night time study partner, the ultra boring news channel, CNN, was flashing news of the Nobel peace prize and it didn't take it long to catch my frenzy - Liu Xiaobo wins the Nobel Peace Prize 2010 and is being praised all over the world for sacrificing his personal life (which includes being sentenced to eleven years' imprisonment and two years' deprivation of political rights ) and stand up against a very 'control obsessed' Chinese govt.
Beijing is trying hard to keep the news off the internet and away from it's own people. But what really caught my attention was the following ;

"A group of up to 100 supporters gathered outside Liu's Beijing apartment compound, which his wife, Liu Xia, was prevented from leaving."- from the web pages of a news channel again.

Later, I happened to get a glimpse of her on CNN. What I saw was a skinny, shaved-head, sad yet defiant looking woman supporting her husband's ideals from outside the jail. I think it's a very touching story of a couple. No?


subbby said...

just for the "SAKE OF POSTING" shows ur commitment towards staying addicted to blogging !!!

i usually read ur stuffs, but kinda astonished by the fact that u havent yet spoken anything on Wikileaks and its Indian cables ???

Pallavi said...

Nah, I am not the least bit interested in seeing technology-muck-politicians-muck-technology. Never been a political creature. Also, always Happy. LOL

subbby said...

hmmmm ! good... someone is different from the many that I come across !