Thursday, March 22, 2012


Jaisa aap bole Mada'am.

Q; If I were a man who would I propose to?
A; Vidya Balan.

Malayali from birth, through-bred Mumbaikar, takes to Bengali like a duck to water (I can only empathize with her, a wannabe bong for some years now). First day last show Kahaani blew me away. Simply fantastic.Vidhya's choice of roles and her tenacity to deliver better everytime; makes others look like they're in the wrong profession; so much out of her league that it might take them a lifetime to get out of their designer clothes and air brushed wigs and stop looking like clones of each other before they can even think to match her. She has made Box office blockbusters, in recent film history look respectful, not that it wasn't attempted before but one with a female lead doesn't spring to my mind.

 Kahaani is all about a very pregnant Bidya Bagchi and the well meaning Calcutta which is probably portrayed keeping the chaos theory in mind. Or it may be that the chaos theory was formulated  keeping Calcutta in mind. Very dilapidated and rusty yet highly functional.  Sujoy ghosh, who ever this guy is, needs to be watched out for and so is Parambrata Chatterjee. Vidya has re-instilled in me , my long lost belief that Hindi film "heroines" have what it takes. Sure enough she has the entire industry say to her "jaisa aap bole Mada'am."
With the climax spun around Pujo and multiple screen shots of Devi hinting at the power of woman, she's more of a woman than it appears. Certainly has left me wanting more. And I am not even Gay.

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Baljinder Singh said...

Seriously, an awesome movie backed by a really strong performance!!!