Thursday, December 12, 2013

Employee satisfaction in the E.D.

   What can hospitals do to improve employee satisfaction in the E.D.?

It is important for hospitals to improve the E.D. experience for not only patients but also employees. The following points summarize what can be done to keep employees motivated. 
1.     Strong, regular and honest communication is invaluable and leadership must try to reach out to the employees to establish them.
2.     The alignment of goals and communication of expectations,  and clearly defined roles help alleviate confusion among employees.
3.     Input from the front line clinical team is valuable in administrative decision making. Considering the insights of the front line staff not only helps the organization but also provides them with a sense of belonging.
4.     Careful delegation of some tasks to non-clinical staff can help to relieve extra workload of clinical staff. 
5.     A strong IT support team can play a major role in work satisfaction. An underutilized IT team can lead to missed opportunities for quality patient care and increased workload.
6.     Inter departmental seminars and gatherings foster a culture of collaboration and teamwork, and therefore should be encouraged.

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