Monday, June 9, 2008

Hello visitor !

Life as a doctor is gifted with moments you can call best or great yet, there are some mundane ones. Some of my great moments would be when I got a nice, undisturbed 10 hour sleep. On a serious note, this blog is a way I can share my great and not so great moments with you and cherish a little bit of life in the busy 24/7 days and weeks.  Through these posts, I hope to reflect on what's going on around me. Blog posts will be about Healthcare, Books, and Culture (all three of my passions).

Hope you enjoy reading my posts.



[V] said...

well was it like dr grey assistng her macdreamie!!jokes apart,
bet this must have been a real high.
my side d best moments in medicine were those spent in d college ,d hostel life spcly.those night out's sleepin after havin breakfast,wakin up in d afternoon jst before d closin time of mess to grab a bite n thn sleepin silently again.makin sure v dint miss out nxt night's party..

ketan said...

hi grate ur experince is......tell such grate incident that keep motivate ur juniors like me to keep on studying &atleast some what satisfaction from his life