Monday, June 9, 2008 best moment would be ..when I assisted a neurosurgeon and saved a little girl after jaipur blasts. She had a severe head injury and her survival was not possible without intervention. Thank you god for making me a doctor!

scene at s.m.s.hosptial on tuesday,8.10 pm the E.R.I and my friends,all interns, rushed to the hospital as soon as we heardabout the blasts..there was huge crowd in front of the weentered inside , we saw that the usually white and shiny floor of theE.R. had turned red , there was so much blood on the floor that it madeit slippery and difficult to walk.we had never in our lives seen so many dead bodies as we did that night,piled on top of one another. they were quickly moved to make room forthe injured, some bodies had gone into a stage of rigor mortis ,whichmade them difficult to handle.blasts left 67 dead and 250 injured ,all a result of 9 bombs that detonated in lessthan 20 mins.the triage was completed in minutes.everything was going fine untill another ambulance arrived bringing was clear that we needed to form team and of our senior residents divided us into rescueteams...5 of us stood on the gate with i.v. fluids and canullae and therest were working inside..more and more doctors came as the news spread, some of the doctors werestanding on the other side of the road, unable to wade through the rushand mayhem.most of the victims were shifted to the 'polytrauma ward' after theinitial resusciation. it was there that the atual extent of injuries wasassessed.two of the patients who were very seriously injured,and finally din'ntmake it,were around 10pm ,the blood bank was short of o-negative blood, which wasdreadly needed.some of my collegues went out and asked people to stepforward and donate blood.later we heard the news channels and the govt.had also made an appeal. it was amazing to see that so many people fromacross the city came in to donate blood that later the blood bank had tosay that they have enough blood!the injuries were typical blast injures , it was probably RDX as peoplewere injured more than they were burnt.a lot of patients had haemothorax and haemoperitonium,diagnosed by aprompt ultrasound, large number of head injuries, fractures, rupturedspleens and livers and even tongues.. are just to name a few type of the most depressing stories is when the mobile phones of the deadwere ringing and doctors had to answer them, only to tell that theperson who owns the phone is no more.

fear ...

Life goes on . Was it Charles Darwin or somebody else who said” it is difficult to create life but once created it is even more difficult to curb it.” But who wants a life full of fear? Living with the fear of dying any second is worse than death itself.A few days ago, many people died out of no fault of their own, in the middle of a peaceful city…jaipur. Sometimes it makes you think about world problems social, economical, environmental blah blah …aren’t there enough of them to drive us crazy that we need another problem to surface with every passing day. This world ,with Katrina and tsunamis, is just marginally fit to live and we really don’t need jehadies or RUF or gorillas. God, this you made, is not a fair world.Hate is an emotion and so is grief ,both are knitted closely to make the fabric of modern world. World is unjust . True. Hatred can be justified. Expressing it is also justified as long as it does not lead to grief. But how can you justify the killing of a 4 year old girl who barely knows the world ,that too in a city as peaceful as jaipur with no involvement in world politics whatsoever .Not fair !Not fair! We did nothing to deserve this.And how bad can ‘they’ be hurt to stoop down to the levels of planning such diabolical and cold blooded acts. Or how badly have they failed in carrying out collateral talks and sort their problems that ‘this’ has come as a last resort to them? These are nothing but acts of cowardice .

But the more important question that lies ahead is what are we ,the educated and the more sensible people doing to bring this to an end. What is it that unites every nation in the fight against malaria and HIV but divides them at the mere mention of terrorism? What fear keeps us from coming out in open against the same. Why do we always have to bandage the injured and never get a chance to score our very own feat . Lighting candles after the blasts is no way of showing how bravely you have emerged but dismantling their bombs is. I don’t believe in being offensive ..but we sure can be overly defensive and curb their plans.

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