Monday, August 25, 2008

organic has arrived ...for good!

I read biology at school , therefore i know that DDT levels (in ppm) are highest in humans ...and even higher in indians.
Sitting on the top of food chain , enjoying a wide array of culinary delights, right from green veggies in our salad to the turkey and chicken and the lamb , this is the price we have to pay (reminds me of the Bourdain's "No Reservations" ads.) .
Yeah , we are a very hungry species , will do anything to feed ourselves . we will grow more , will sow more , will put more fertilizers and will not stand a single insect eating our grains, will put more insectisides....even if it all leads to our own damage .
Guess what ? I am hungry!!!
Yes, i am a fan of organic food and so are you !
Even when we don't exactly know the manifestations of DDT toxicity , but we DO know.. it's a bad thing ..bad enough to take our lives. Believe me this much knowledge will do!

Living in india , where organic food is some fashion of the well off's and not an everyday thing and organic farming has just started to gain popularity...i know we've a long way to go.
But wait, talking of farming where no chemicals are used .. i know this, this is something that poor farmers do (or have to do)...cuz they have no money! So, can i say that farming in india is by default organic ? I guess I can ..but not completely.We still have states like punjab , where people probably eat more ddt than anywhere else in the world , where some districts have so many cases of skin cancer that people have named a train after it.All this automatically makes us a fan !....of organic farming , food , living ...u name it!
Anyhow things are looking up..although govt. is not so hot on anything organic,(busy with nuclear 123 cha cha cha) BUT BUT BUT there are people like Vandana Shiva ,who are loyal to the cause, i must say i was lucky to see how much work "navdanya" has done already .

The concept of preserving indigenous seeds and building seed banks is scientific and has a sense of individuality. I admit that it never occurred to me that most indian species of grains are under direct danger of becoming extinct ,thanks to the better yielding , the costlier, the genetically modified AND the very american variety of seeds.
All said and done, they say "every journey starts with a single step"..i'd say navdanya took that first step , forwards.. definately...
...........a lot needs to be done .

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