Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Eat sound, sleep little.

For those who know the correct proverb, the title might sound silly or even cheeky. But, have to admit, it does make (some?) sense. Folks, this could very well be my last post about food on a decent and very bookish blog and I've decided that I'll not let it turn into a food diary. So, no more posts about food. I mean after this one ;p.

Here's a  picture of oatmeal Sponge cookies I made a while ago. The cookies didn't turn out to be very delicious but hey, they weren't bad. In fact totally edible. Anyway, I was looking for something in my chaotic/unorganized/eccentric/fitful/has-a-mind-of-it's-own  laptop and stumbled upon this picture. And oh ! I can't remember the recipe. For those interested in making it two words for you "Google it".


Arv said...

ok... now I wanna eat them... :)

glad to know that you are going to expand your writing boundaries :)

cant wait to read them :)

take care...


Anonymous said...

"Biological warfare" ;-0)