Monday, February 7, 2011

FOB. (the film)

I wish it were spelt FAB.

From Apu to Aloo there's little that has changed for fobs and more importantly there's little they can do to change it. Here's a brilliant attempt (posted below), a 4 minute long film by Arati Misro

P.S.-I would've never posted a Youtube video here but I think this one qualifies as an exception. Or maybe because I was requested/suggested by the uploader to do so. It brings me to ask a rather unrelated question that why does it have a mocking 375 views? It's a decent film. I mean, definitely way better than those remotely funny rants which funnily though, for no proper reason known to mankind, get a million views (seriously, they make me wanna go back and check the dictionary for what really defines "funny"). But then we have superbly expressive uploads such as this one. Well, I guess it takes all kinds!

1 comment:

-om said...

I could've shed a tear if I was the same FOB I used to be 5 years ago.
All I can say now is - Touchy video!