Saturday, December 15, 2012

Columbine, Connecticut...


There is a problem.

      Of course we know that guns are only half the problem, the other half being unable to recognize angry  depressive teenagers in time, nevertheless it is the main issue concerning the debate. A similar incident occurred  in china but, the weapon used was knife. About 20 students were injured but none killed. Guns are sinister, let's all agree.

1.1) Stop sales
Tougher gun control laws have done little overtime. Make guns not just difficult to purchase or increase their abatement time, but make them disappear from those isles. To the point where no one can possess a gun unless they were defending the country. An exception of hunting rifles can be made though.

1.2) Initiate a drive to surrender the guns throughout America.
 The question springs to mind that if the mother of the perpetrator (refering to school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut) was aware of his mental illness could she have put the guns out of his reach? But was there a way of putting the guns out of reach?

1.3) A nationwide study
-proving the usefulness of such weapons at home (without the ecological fallacies). If the reasons to possess gunfire arms are not justified on a large scale study then a  program to surrender the weapons should be initiated (favorably by the state). Furthermore, it will be wise to ban all the gun associations and lay penalties on their patrons. There is no reason to take pride in possessing a gun.

     2) Mental illness
    An Estimated 1 in 10 U.S. Adults Report Depression [Source]

2.1) Early diagnosis, esp. depressive angry children
One of the most common symptoms noted when a person suffers from clinical depression is anger. Whether it's uncontrollable anger toward oneself or outward aggression toward others, it's clinically proven that depression and anger run hand in hand. [source: MacManamy].

 2.2) Cultivating a less judgmental environment, esp. in schools. 
In developing world it is much easier and mainly because there are so many of them (huge population and thus increased class size), if one does indulge in judging others then that is all they will do for the rest of their lives. Also the differences of high and low contextual societies, as the theories of anthropology suggest. [suggested reading-]

Most importantly we must realize that emotions of sympathy are evoked for the suicides but not for homicides (out of mental illness), simply because of the failure to see this as a psychiatric disease. The incident shows a combined problem of the system and of medicine. It has very little to do with personal attributes. The situation demands us to be kind to not only the victims and their families but also to the families of the perpetrators. It can happen to anybody anywhere.


Baljinder Singh said...

I hope some solution gets implemented....

Pallavi said...

I hope with you.

Arv said...

I hope & pray so too... just one of many greater evils that haunt our era that needs to be resolved before our lifetime...

take care..

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