Monday, December 3, 2012

Life of Pi.

"Richard Parker! What are you thinking?"

A couple of years ago when I read it I said to myself, no Hollywood can attempt a plot like this one. And thank God for that.

But, this weekend I saw Richard Parker in 3D and couldn't help exclaiming in awe. They've done it !

Yann Martel told an un-tellable Story and Ang Lee went a step further bringing his genius to an un-filmable film done in a way that viewers were left in rapt admiration for the ineffable project Martel took in the first place. One of the rare gems where film is as good as or even better than the book.

Also, a rare 3D film where 3D has been used for viewing the world as it is, in full splendor and not merely for the creating shock value or throwing imaginary giant birds in your eye. It captured the sea in it's unmitigated and infinite rawness. I have never admired the sea more, not even in real life. The film makes one feel a miniscule grain of sand in the grand continuum, the earth and the universe, replete with life. Hollywood has directors like Ang Lee. Thank God for that !

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